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Do you share these concerns?

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A perfect branding for each brand seams impossible

Multiple brands ask for multiple templates, each in multiple languages. Wether you operate in branches by country, work with regional agents or subsidiaries, or represent multiple brands, a unified platform is needed.

This platform will help you with:

  • Control branding and link marketing campaigns to every outgoing document. Specifically in a multi-brand environment.
  • Prevent the creation of new templates for the slightest difference or for additional languages.



30% drop in customer retention due to low focus on customer experience & engagement

Reachability via multiple channels is one thing, but customers today also expect a seamless individual experience. They make no difference between marketing or service communications.

For example: 

  • Are your service & marketing messages as beautiful, relevant and valuable as the communication afterwards like your invoices?
  • Are you using service communication to enforce customer loyalty with special offers.
  • Are you individualising customer service communication with relevant marketing information.

Business users have no control about template changes.

Nowadays business users have to contact the IT department when they want some simple changes in a template. 

Why not:

  • Give the business user the power to own a document. They truly understand the service document. 
  • Faster responsiveness & time-to-market when change is needed.
  • Unburden the IT departement with template change requests. 
"I've made a car rental reservation online for my vacation abroad, direct or indirect with the car rental company or broker. They already received my email address and phone number, so to speed up the key hand-over, I already receive an interactive message via my mobile phone directly after landing."
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Scriptura Engage helps automotive companies, car manufactures, car importers, dealer groups, leasing companies, tyre/ parts suppliers, ...  to improve customer experience and engagement by providing one central platform for individualised communications. Hyper-personalize every touchpoint in the buyer journey.

Enterprise Communication Platform 

We enable the transition to digital, resulting in a boost in sales and a more customer friendly organisation.

Some of the possibilities of Scriptura Engage:

  • Electronic invoicing & payment via your mobile device
  • Personalised contracts
  • Interactive & individualised quote creation
  • Onboarding packages
  • Personalised correspondence & special offers
  • Communication around call-back actions
  • Car Rental agreements
  • Winter/summer tyre change communications
  • Personalized maintenance reminders
  • ...
Dynamic communications

We understand integrations!

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