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ENGAGE18: The X-factor!

Do you know why master chefs consider the dessert as the most important course on the menu? Because it’s the last part of their guests’ dining experience and the first thing they’ll talk about on the way home. That’s why a fine restaurant will never spoil serving a premium juicy steak or award-winning wine by finishing off with a cheap strawberry popsicle.

In many ways a dining experience is like your customer communications. If your ads are seasoned to perfection but your service communications fall flat like a failed cake, your customers could acquire a taste for the competition.

  • Find out what it means to communicate in a X-channel, X-generation, X-department, X-branding, ... manner.
  • Learn what tomorrow's customers demand of your communication, avoid common pitfalls and learn from industry experts. 
  • See why the "when" is as important as the "what" and "how". 

Whether your interest is business driven, strategically oriented, technically minded or you're just seeking advice,
we strive to provide you with relevant insights at our customer & partner event.

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Confirmed Speakers

Steven Van Belleghem (Author, 'Customers the Day after Tomorrow')
An expert in customer focus in a digital world, he is a popular speaker at home and abroad. In his keynote presentations, Steven takes his audience on a journey to the world of modern customer relationships in a clever, enthusiastic and inspiring way.

Marc Herremans (Founder 'To Walk Again Foundation')
Belgian triathlete and motivational speaker, after an accident doctors diagnosed that Marc had suffered tot paralysis and would be forced to live in a wheelchair the rest of his life. But he saw this major setback as an opportunity ...

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Practical Information


Thursday 25 October 2018 from 9 am until ...

Friday 26 October 2018 from 10 am until 2 pm


Still to be confirmed... but it will be held in Belgium, the land of fine cuisine and wonderful beers. 

Further information about ENGAGE18 will be communicated asap. 
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